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Semi-retired as of April 2014. Now I am slowly traveling around the world, at a pace that allows me to completely enjoy the people, the scenery and the food. I occasionally will share some of my Big Adventure on this blog. I hope you enjoy it!

Jul 11

Before and After Image Comparisons

By Tip Kilby | Photo Techniques


I have been using Adobe’s Lightroom application to “post-process” each of my images. I originally wanted to use Lightroom as a better way of organizing and categorizing my photographs, but then I discovered Lightroom’s amazing photo editing capabilities. I doubt that I will publish a single photograph any time in the future without first processing […]

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Jun 01

Places around Lapu-Lapu City

By Tip Kilby | Cebu

Ferry Port in Lapu-Lapu City

I have been living in Lapu-Lapu City since moving┬áhere in early March 2015.┬áThis post will start with only a few of the photos that I have collected so far. However, I will be adding more images as I make them in the upcoming months. My choice to live in Lapu-Lapu City on Mactan Island was a […]

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May 02

Lapu-Lapu Shrine

By Tip Kilby | Cebu

I decided to have a tourism blitz – a day of seeing some of the major sights of Cebu City and Mactan Island. I had lived here in the Philippines for two months and had never gone to any of the “touristy” things. So I rented a taxi for most of the day for 1600 […]

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Apr 20

Three Days in Alegria, Cebu, PH

By Tip Kilby | Cebu

This weekend I visited a family in Alegria, a small beach town close to the south western tip of Cebu Island. I stayed there two nights and thoroughly enjoyed my first out-of-town trip since I arrived in the Philippines last month. I took a bus from the South Cebu Bus Terminal early in the morning. […]

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