Before and After Image Comparisons

By Tip Kilby | Photo Techniques

Jul 11

I have been using Adobe’s Lightroom application to “post-process” each of my images. I originally wanted to use Lightroom as a better way of organizing and categorizing my photographs, but then I discovered Lightroom’s amazing photo editing capabilities. I doubt that I will publish a single photograph any time in the future without first processing it in Lightroom.

Below, I will show a few photos to illustrate what they looked like before and after the processing. These photos were taken with my Nikon camera, but most of the other photos on my website were captured with my ever-present iPhone 5 camera. I love the extreme clarity that I can capture with the Nikon, however the camera is so complex with so many settings, that I still have a difficult time capturing my images correctly. Fortunately, with the post-processing, and using the more flexible “raw” image format, I can usually make the corrections necessary to compensate for my bad images! Bear with me as I learn to use my camera! The best part of the iPhone 5 is that it is always with me, and the iPhone basically makes all of the photographic decisions for you. With my iPhone, I don’t get the enormous detail and flexibility of my Nikon camera, but it sure takes nice photos the first time by simply pointing and clicking.

For this webpage, I am using a little plug-in application that allows you to scroll between the “before” image and the “after” image.

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