My Big Adventure Begins Today!

By Tip Kilby | Arizona

Jun 14

My travel adventure begins today. I am leaving from Tucson after spending my last night at the home of my sister Kathleen and her husband Gary. I have been staying with my other sister Ann for the last month, getting ready for my journey.

I retired rather suddenly from my job at Intuit in early April and decided to make it my official retirement from the corporate world. I spent more than a month getting moved out of my house in south Tucson, liquidating most of my possessions and assembling the few things that I would need for my big road trip.

My plan is to spend much of the next 6 months traveling the western United States and Canada since I’ve never seen very much of it as an adult. When I was eight years old, my parents took me on a trip from Texas to California, and we saw many of the great attractions then. Now I want to see them through my eyes as an adult. And of course, this trip is not much like the one I took 55 years ago.

My destination today is to drive up to Las Vegas, Nevada and spend the night. Then I will head over to northern California and eventually up into Oregon. My first trip photo on the way to Phoenix. I’m departing Tucson at about 11:00 a.m. and the temperature is already 106° F. and climbing, so I am definitely looking forward to finding the cool spots along the California coast line in a few days.

The first photo of my new site is a shot of Picacho Peak, taken from my moving car just outside of Tucson heading toward Phoenix. Here it is plus several other photos I took on my way to Las Vegas.

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Semi-retired as of April 2014. Now I am slowly traveling around the world, at a pace that allows me to completely enjoy the people, the scenery and the food. I occasionally will share some of my Big Adventure on this blog. I hope you enjoy it!